Main Office: 210 N Crescent way Suite L, Anaheim, CA, 92801, Tel: (714)833-1588 / (714) 603-7131, Email:

Tell: (714)833-1588 / (714) 603-7131

Welcome to AV Electronics!

AV Electronics is a family owned and operated business with Over 20 years of experience serving both the L.A. County, the South Bay Area and Orange County, CA, delivering a reliable service at a competitive price on all brands and models.

We are a full service - all factory trained techician repair center for all your needs on audio, video or television, from the classic Analog Portable, table or floor model, to the latest high end LED, Plasma, LCD, Digital High Definition Set. Brands like I-Phone, I-Pads, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Tablets, Smart Phone's. IBM, Motorola, HP, Sony, Toshiba, etc...



We believe in personal honesty and we work with integrity.



Certified & factory trained technicians to service your set